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Masterclass in Intentional Rest

Do you go to bed and wish for sleep? Feel like it’s a battle to get there? Or perhaps you finally get to sleep only to wake in the middle of the night to start all over again?

Rest that has you waking still feeling tired can negatively impact your day and create a cycle of sleep deficit.  Society laughs and almost honours being ‘tired’ as a badge of how ‘hard’ you are working.  This is not the case.

Chronic sleep deficit has the potential to lead to many health problems* such as an increased risk for diabetes, weakened immune system or high blood pressure in addition to the common symptoms you would experience of brain fog, irritability and reduction in productivity.

Our busy lives have created shifts within where society has forgotten HOW to rest.  Intentional rest is useful to repay that sleep deficit and also help bring you to a state of rest that is restorative.

Join us Friday 24 May 2024 for a Masterclass in Intentional Rest. A 2-hour practice to learn the art of rest that you can integrate into your everyday.

Past students have been amazed at its benefits saying:

‘I feel like I’ve just slept 8 hours’

‘It’s like I was asleep but awake, I was in this space of bliss’

‘I feel so deeply rested yet so alive now, like I have the energy to do anything!’

‘I felt the effects all weekend after the practice, so calm and rested, nothing could put a dint in my mood.’

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Or perhaps you wish to gift the Masterclass to a loved one for their Birthday, Mother’s Day coming up or just because you know they deserve the benefits of Intentional Rest.

Unlimited Members benefit from discounted pricing saving $19 on their ticket, ask us for your member code!

Come dressed in loose, comfortable clothing. 


*Harvard University – Health Publishing


24 May 2024


6:00 pm




Tawa Yoga Studio
Unit 14, 53 Metroplex Ave, Murarrie