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Nurture your Roots – Tawa Special Event

Do you ever feel like your life is tilting off its axis? Like someone has pulled the rug out from beneath you and you are scrambling to feel balanced again? Maybe you are constantly searching for that elusive thing in life that will make you feel complete. Or maybe you have built a wonderful life but can’t get rid of that little voice telling you it is all going to crumble one day or that you are going to mess it all up.

If this description resonates with you, you may be interested in our Nurture Your Roots Chakra Exploration workshop.

When our Root Chakra is balanced, we feel a strong sense of stability within ourselves. We don’t base our strength on external factors, trusting that whatever we need to feel strong and unshakable exists within us. Secure in the knowledge that if we fall, we will catch ourselves. This workshop will explore practical, everyday applications of chakra philosophy that you can incorporate into your practice and life for more balance and clarity. This 1.5hr workshop will include breathing techniques, gentle yoga flow, yin stretches, rolling self-massage techniques, journaling and/or group discussion.

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26 Aug 2023


2:00 pm




Tawa Yoga Studio
Unit 14, 53 Metroplex Ave, Murarrie