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Good Vibrations!

A throwaway line you have likely heard in advertisements, self-help books, yoga class and even song lyrics. We hear it and think yes, feel good woo-woo that falls into the same bucket as manifestations and crystal healing. I was the same. When we dismiss something, it is usually because of the ego. We don’t like to not know things. We don’t like to have our ‘normal’ turned upside down. We don’t like change.

Humans have always been hard wired for stress. It is what has kept our species evolving and growing into who we are today. That is why we doubt, we look to things with suspicion and question anything and everything that promises something. We are simply automatically going into self-protection mode.

If I were to tell you that right at this minute you are vibrating, and that the person next to you is likely vibrating at a different frequency and the person next to that person and so forth you would immediately look at your hands and declare no, I am perfectly still, I am not the Baba Yaga chic from Ant Man 2 movie, a shimmering psychedelic. Just because the human eye cannot see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not occurring.

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Take for example the video of the singing bowl I took recently. I set the camera to slow motion to see if I could capture the vibration that the bowl made. Sure enough, you can see, when captured in this manner, the bowl is shimmering and vibrating to create the sound yet it was not visible to the human eye.

What's this got to do with yoga you ask?

Well, the focus of yoga is self-realisation, discovering a deep understanding of self, reality and how such awareness can help us to navigate life with reduced suffering. This in itself may sound like mumbo-jumbo to you but there’s nothing like science to help our sceptical minds to make sense of the woo-woo.

Science has shown that everything on earth and beyond is a vibration. We and everything around us are made of vibrating particles that ‘look’ like solid structures. But if that’s the case, why can’t I put my hand through my own body you say? Because, particles that vibrate against each other create resistance that makes it impossible to do so!

Think back to your science class in school, remember when you could move one magnet by placing another near it? How their individual energies forced them apart rather than together? It’s similar to the opposing forces of our particles that stop us from being able to walk through walls. It’s complex I know, but if you studied chemistry or quantum physics you may have an ah-ha moment remembering your teacher say that, but if not, just Google atoms and particles and you will be sure to find a detailed explanation.

Now back to our individual vibrations. When we tap in and invite awareness of the frequency of our vibrations we can awaken joy, calm and potential within. Think about when you were last really pumped about something? You felt uplifted, energy pulsating compared to when you couldn’t pull yourself out of your Netflix binge you felt heavy and sloth-like with low energy. These are the vibrations within you moving at different rates. This is why we feel ‘high’ when we experience feelings of love, kindness, hope and compassion yet feel low when feeling sad, fearful, hatred or greed.

Scientist Dr Emoto carried out experiments with water. In monotone he spoke to individual water samples. Some with positive words and others negative. The resulting crystals formed in the water when examined under microscope showed that the positive water had a higher vibration creating intricate and beautiful shapes. The negative water meanwhile had lower energy creating smaller, jagged and non-uniform shapes. Dr Emoto’s cymatics experiments shows how negative and positive vibrations can affect particles and how we can apply this to raise our own vibration.

How do I raise my vibration you wonder?

As a yogi, you have some of those tools already! Each time you meditate, move the body and invite connection to your spirit you are inviting your vibration to rise. That’s why after each class, or meditative moment you feel lighter, invigorated and at peace. Practicing invites us to remember the deep love and compassion we have for ourselves and others and this raises our vibrations.

How do you know what your vibration is you ask? Think of when you feel a resistance within, that is usually a negative vibration. When you feel at ease, that is a positive vibration. You may even recall a time when you felt ‘uneasy’ or ‘uplifted’ in the presence of another person. This may have been because you subconsciously felt their vibration and your vibration was in turn affected by it.

In class you would have heard me ask, what is that inner voice saying to you? What tone is it using? We can influence the vibrational energy within us. Our mind and body respond to our thought patterns, and the vibrational energy we are focussed upon. We can be our own worst enemy, so start with that inner voice. If it is of self-sabotage, see if you can shift to gratitude and compassion empowering yourself to shift from that mindset.

Another scientist that delved into the ‘woo woo’ and found scientific links is Dr Valerie Hunt, author of Infinite Mind. Dr Hunt looked to how energy increases the complexity of something from the vibrations of music through the body, to the vibrational energy of sea waves that create positive environments for marine life and why beach swimmers feel euphoric after swimming amongst it. Vibrations can all be measured by science.

Now if you were to be told that prior to the fancy scientific instruments we have today the ancients had always known this? That Traditional Chinese Medicine has always known of these energy channels within the body that they call ‘Chi’ flowing through meridians, that Indian Sages knew that we had ‘Prana’ moving through the nadis and chakras within? Energy moves through vibration. When you choose to shift your thoughts and feelings through mind-body awareness you can change your vibrations at a cellular level.

Now if you still can’t believe that you are an incredible being, vibrating at different speeds at all times, just throw on your favourite tune on Spotify and notice the shift of your energy, the softness that comes to your brow, the lightness you feel within and the automatic wellbeing that seems to come over you, that my friend is your vibration lifting.

Good vibes to you tribe, with gratitude, compassion and love, you can invite yourself to vibrate at your highest frequency.

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Ai is the founder of Tawa Yoga. A yoga teacher, business manager, wife and mother. Ai promotes balance and growth with her students and teaching team. Ai's vision is for every body to experience the richness in health and wellbeing that yoga brings to life on and off the mat.

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