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Private Yoga Party Circle

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable way to celebrate a special occasion, why not try a private yoga class? Whether it’s a Corporate team building exercise or a Birthday celebration, private yoga classes are a great way to promote health and wellness while spending time with loved ones… or creating connections with work colleagues.

Corporate Yoga


Incorporate yoga into your employees work routine and wellness program for a healthier and happier workplace. Our corporate classes deliver a beneficial escape from the desk, combining mindful movement, breathing and relaxation techniques. We create an ambient space with natural botanical aromas and soothing music. Yoga can help all companies, large and small—just as it can help all people, no matter their age, current health or level of flexibility.

Employees are now working longer hours, sedentary at their desk, travelling in cars or carrying out repetitious movements that results in a reduction in organisation productivity due to absenteeism linked to stress and injury. Giving your employees an opportunity for mindful movement and meditation through yoga can benefit your employees:
1. Increase energy and reduce fatigue
2. Alleviates physical ailments
3. Relieves stress
4. Improves concentration and focus
5. Helps with creativity
6. Increases positivity & morale

Healthy, relaxed and focused employees are more productive and cost effective and make a positive impact on your bottom line.  Corporate yoga can be held at your worksite or in studio and suit beginners.  We also have Special EXPRESS drop in packages for companies who want to invest in regular accessible yoga for their team.  Packages are a great investment in staff retention and job satisfaction. 

Let us take care of your next Special Occasion!

From birthday parties for adults and children plus special occasions, we have the event plan to suit you! Celebrate with a difference, discovering laughter, mindful movement, peaceful connection and joy whilst soaking up our beautiful space and tranquil views!

We offer a range of options and work with you to make your event hassle free and successful.  Choose from a package for every budget.  We want your guests to remember your special occassion with enthusiasm and joy!

Private yoga classes just for you

Private yoga classes can also be a great way to get started with yoga or to deepen your practice. Perhaps you are more comfortable in a one to one learning environment where classes are personalised to your needs, or you seek support to strengthen a particular part of your yoga practice such as meditation or specific postures or maybe you are coming back to practice after injury and wish to learn how to best modify a yoga practice.  

Private yoga classes are available for children and adults and can be arranged for weekdays as a single session or a 5 class block to save.

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Ai Chaw

Ai is the founder of Tawa Yoga. A yoga teacher, business manager, wife and mother. Ai promotes balance and growth with her students and teaching team. Ai's vision is for every body to experience the richness in health and wellbeing that yoga brings to life on and off the mat.

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