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What is a Yoga Practice?


Have you heard people mention their yoga practice and wonder to yourself, what does that even mean?!

Unlike other forms of movement and exercise, yoga is more than creating shapes on the mat or trying hard to look serene as your brain has 10 tabs open. 

Perhaps the reference to yoga being a practice, has in itself made you wary to even try? Perhaps you ponder if it’s a religion, a cult? You are not alone.  First let’s dispel the fear – a yoga practice is not a cult or religion or entering one for that matter. 

For most, the appeal of yoga is bringing movement into the body, the perception it is gentle or easy. It can start this way. A physical practice where you show up, move better, feel better, sleep better and think yep, I like this new exercise! It challenges AND calms me! 

The practice of yoga sneaks up on you. You may start to notice you go about the day more mindful? Notice details in life experiences you have overlooked or taken for granted?  Perhaps see a shift in how you respond to people, events, experiences, or even yourself! Maybe you learn more about what makes you tick, react or withdraw and know how to better support yourself.  

The tools of balance, focus, determination, resilience, self-acceptance, patience, perseverance, observation, awareness and so much more through mastering the physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation will start to carry through to your day-to-day life.  That is the yoga practice.  A way to experience life anew. Lifting the veil so to speak on all the clutter and distraction in your peripheral vision as you navigate each new day.

Yoga becomes a gift and your practice a way in which to celebrate and experience that gift daily.

Intrigued to start? With 2024 upon us, a yoga practice can be the greatest gift to self. Start with us. Practice with us this January and discover all the benefits a daily practice can bring.  Our 30-day daily practice challenge will motivate and reward you. Join us here.

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Ai Chaw

Ai is the founder of Tawa Yoga. A yoga teacher, business manager, wife and mother. Ai promotes balance and growth with her students and teaching team. Ai's vision is for every body to experience the richness in health and wellbeing that yoga brings to life on and off the mat.

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