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What is self awareness?


What’s this awareness of self you wonder? When you first arrive on the mat, we invite you to bring awareness into the sensations of the body, how your breath is moving and notice all that arises.  So often we fly through our day with such speed, we rarely recall its detail with clarity.  We may end up, wondering what exactly we did that day, or find a new ache or bruise and question where that came from?  

Creating a habit of self-awareness helps to ground you in the present moment. It gives you reason to pause and experience life, moving mindfully to avoid that coffee table hitting you in the shins! Noticing our habitual responses, in particular our self-talk throughout the day.

We don’t set out to put ourselves down, but over time, if our habitual self-talk is negative, then that becomes our default and transfers into how we perceive and experience the world and our self-worth.

This week, take notice of what arises for you.  Notice that little voice that seems to narrate the day in your head.  What is it saying? Where do you think those phrases, concepts came from? Can you invite the inner tone to shift to how you would speak to a treasured loved one?

Be kind to yourself Tawa Tribe x

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Ai Chaw

Ai is the founder of Tawa Yoga. A yoga teacher, business manager, wife and mother. Ai promotes balance and growth with her students and teaching team. Ai's vision is for every body to experience the richness in health and wellbeing that yoga brings to life on and off the mat.

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